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Please allow me to introduce you to Avenue F Family Enrichment Corporation of Texas, Inc. (AFFECT, Inc.), a non-profit organization in the Douglass Community of Plano, Texas. Since 2010, we have served to improve communities in North Texas by AFFECTing positive changes through


o  Empowering individuals with resources, training and education

o  Enriching lives of individuals in need


Like me, I’m sure that you value living in neighborhoods with low crime and quality housing. Sometimes, however, in order to improve our communities, we have to take action. This is what AFFECT, Inc. is all about – taking action to:


o  Improve marriages

o  Encourage our youth through mentoring, tutoring, and providing educational resources for them to excel academically

o  Ensure families' needs are met so they can create and maintain stable homes

o  Provide job readiness and training for individuals who are out of work or under-employed

o  Deter crime by providing resources for ex-offenders to become productive citizens and hopefully reduce the recidivism rate


These are challenging goals, but with your support they can be achieved. Will you join us in supporting any of these worthy causes? Please look through our business package/grant proposals (on the Support tab) and consider giving a donation to assist us in our efforts. Together, we can work towards the common good of the communities in Texas.


In the spirit of community,

 Ramón Hodridge, CEO


Affect, Inc. Youth Summer Camp

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